Volunteer Voices

Our volunteers know the benefits of serving their community, and year after year they make the commitment to keeping the people and property of Iberia safe. 

Read some of our testimonials below and see how they have benefitted from volunteering at Iberia Rural Fire Protection District.

“I love helping people in my community when I’m able to,” said Firefighter, Jim Humphrey, who joined Iberia Fire as a teenager. “Volunteer firefighting is a rush you won’t ever forget.”

“Volunteering helped me choose a new career path,” said Matt Gruber, who has served his community as a firefighter for the last 7 years. “I volunteer to help others before helping myself.”

“Helping people and their loved ones is why I volunteer,” said Lieutenant Jamie Rodden, who left another fire department to lead Iberia Fire. “Being a part of this team benefits me every day.”

“It's just a good feeling to know I have been a part of turning a bad situation into something positive,” said Michael French, who began volunteer firefighting with his father at Iberia Fire. “I like helping others in their time of need.”